Michael JusbascheA Houston, Texas-based chemicals industry executive, Michael Jusbasche is the CEO of ALTIVIA. He draws on more than three decades of leadership experience in the chemicals and petrochemicals manufacturing industry to oversee the company’s growth and strategic development. Jusbasche has helped the company become one of the premier independent chemical producers in North America by facilitating acquisitions of multiple facilities and businesses. These have increased ALTIVIA’s production capacity and product diversity.

In recent years, the company has acquired complexes from the Dow Chemical Company and KMCO as well as Axiall’s phosgene derivatives business. Michael Jusbasche has also facilitated acquisitions of several other facilities, which have expanded ALTIVIA’s geographical footprint and revenues.

Under his leadership, ALTIVIA is now a leader in chemicals additives manufacturing. Produced at the ALTIVIA Chemical Complex in LaPorte, Texas, these additives have applications in the pharmaceutical and agricultural industries, among others. The company also operates an iron salts production complex that serves the water treatment industry. Michael Jusbasche was one of the three co-founders of ALTIVIA in 1986. In its early days, the company focused primarily on the production of chemicals such as organic polymer coagulants and inorganic salt for water treatment.

Prior to co-founding ALTIVIA, Michael Jusbasche served four years as a managing partner at Continental Coastal Company, which targeted depleted oil fields in Texas, Michigan, and Louisiana for development of enhanced recovery projects. He began his career in 1978 as a lead reservoir engineer at Shell Oil Company. He oversaw the construction of drilling and production platforms as well as pipeline installation for a heavy oil offshore development program.

Michael Jusbasche holds a master’s degree in petroleum engineering from Stanford University and a bachelor’s degree in the same field from Texas A&M University. He is also a member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers.