Many new adventures beckon your group to explore more of
what the Punta Mita region has to offer.
Rancho 9’s Concierge can arrange sidetrips for groups of
any size with the most qualified Tour Operators in the area.
Her suggestions and referrals will do nothing short than amaze and excite!


Slow Down in Sayulita

     Just 30 minutes north of Punta de Mita lies a surfer town called Sayulita, where the streets are lined with colorful architecture and personalities.
If you need a change of pace, experience the authenticity of the Mexican surfer lifestyle by touring the streets and shopping at local stores for an intricate, hand-made souvenir. We at Rancho 9 recommend stopping in at one of the open-air eateries that overlooks the beach. Here, you can watch surfer after surfer swim out and conquer the waves.


Tequila Tours

     It is hard to imagine a world without margaritas to greet you during a warm sunny day by the water. Then again, it is hard to imagine a margarita without the tequila!
Enjoy a unique excursion to discover a new appreciation for this agave-based Mexican spirit by touring its original birthplace. You will have the opportunity to attend tequila tastings, visit distilleries, and possibly even get a taste before its batch is bottled.


Whale Watching

     If you are planning a visit between November and March, you simply must come out and visit the whales! Sure, from the shoreline you can catch a glimpse of a breaching humpback whale swimming along the coast.
But Rancho 9 suggests getting even closer. Whale Watch tours are available daily during this season, so you can count on seeing the amazing feat of these giant creatures gracefully breaching the water with impressive force.



     If your party is full of thrill-seekers, might we suggest coordinating a high-flying adventure in the jungles of our region?
Soar through the beautiful jungle on a zipline spanning through nearby jungle canopies such as La Vista, Las Animas, or Mi Chaparrita for a unique, safe, and thrilling experience with your group. These adventures let you explore the jungle from a whole new perspective, leaving no sight unseen.


Indian Village Tour

     If you wish to keep your feet on solid ground, feel free to visit the Huichol Indian village!
Nestled high in the Sierra Madre Mountains, live the indigenous people of the Huichol Indian Tribe. They have maintained their culture by removing themselves from the surrounding world and its temptations, creating an atmosphere of spirituality and peace.
It is a hike to get to the village, but the education and appreciation for this unique culture awaits you at the top.