Punta Mita’s many benefits include a vast menu of fun,
active, and leisure activities throughout the area.
Beach and equipment rentals can be made before or during
your stay. Simply let us know what accommodations you
prefer, and let us take care of making the arrangements!


Punta Mita and namely, Banderas Bay is ideal for surfers of all abilities.
La Lancha beach, a popular surfer hotspot, is within walking distance of Rancho 9. This area is known well for having consistent offshore winds from the west and one of the most consistent breaks in the area for 150 days, and especially during the winter. With the right swell, surfers can catch 5 to 6 foot + waves during their surfing excursion.


Scuba Dive

There’s nothing like time spent beneath the waves.

In the waters of the Marietas Islands, just off Punta Mita’s shoreline, you can observe the most diverse reef fish and coral species this area has to offer.


Paddle Board

Paddle boarding is quickly becoming guests’ favorite past time off the coast.
You can explore the open ocean, travel along the Punta de Mita lanscape, or even practice yoga with these useful water companions.



Snorkeling near the Marietas Islands is truly a unique experience for all guests who enjoy exploring the waters just beneath the surface.
When snorkeling in these waters, you can observe the creatures and sea life below as they bob and play together between the sun’s warm rays reaching to the bottom.
We suggest snorkeling through the natural archways that lead you into the famous secret beach of the Marietas Islands, one of the most beautiful happy accidents of Mexico. Simply ask your tour guide to show you the way!