Grand Palapa

Unique and beautiful, the Grand Palapa makes a great addition to your luxury experience. With abudant seating and breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean, this spot encourages conversation and enjoyment amongst our guests.

Media Room

The Media Room makes the mainstream accessible. If there’s a movie or show you haven’t had the time to watch, you have more than enough time to do so in here.

The Lawn

Did you know that Rancho 9 is also kid-friendly?
The Lawn is one of the most popular spots for kids of all ages. The large open space, lush grass, and playground make this the perfect place for play!

Meditation Palapa

Located in the gardens of the Rancho 9 estate, and beneath the canopy of a 400 year-old fig tree, the Meditation Palapa is ideal for relaxing massages, yoga classes, and quiet time.

Indoor Dining Room

The Indoor Dining room is simply elegant. This room is large enough to host a dinner for all guests, but intimate enough to enjoy quiet conversation.

Office / Meeting Space

We understand that not all responsibilities can be left behind. The Office/Meeting Space provides a quiet, private place to host a meeting with colleagues or make an important phone call in secluded peace.

Outdoor Veranda / Pool

The Outdoor Veranda is one of the most popular spots of the estate. Here, your group can enjoy the sun and relax together in the infinity pool with a view of the ocean.
If you decide to head down to the private beach, feel free to use the stairs which lead you to the sand in just a few steps.